Medical Practice Analytics

Fine Tune Your Profitability

When your analytics provide a comprehensive overview of your practice’s performance areas, you can effectively monitor and fine-tune your workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization, and profitability.

Medical Practice Success provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of reports that allow an organization to have the appropriate optics that provide comparisons for MTD or quarterly activities. This enables organizations and/or providers to gain insight into trends and exceptions or to make informed projections for their organization.

It is essential that organizations can aggregate data for the entire revenue cycle, including front office, billing, collections, and payor mix.

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KPI Scorecard

Key Performance Indicators demonstrate the overall health of an organization.  

Consider how small shifts in your daily processes can impact practice efficiencies and how those efficiencies can affect revenue over time.

Simple examples include shifts in appointment no-show or cancellation rates, claim lag metrics such as days to bill or days to pay. 

Daily monitoring of operational processes with our turnkey dashboards will deliver another layer of administrative reporting, additional checks and balances and empower the organization to act not react.

Quality Metrics

Integrated clinical intelligence reports allow organization the ability to drill down to provider level metrics.  

As provider reimbursements continue to move towards pay-for-performance models, it is clear that quality is the new business metric in healthcare.

Our newly integrated Clinical Analytics module delivers turnkey metrics for MU, PQRS, P4P, PCMH and ACO initiatives.

These clinical metrics combined with our proven operational and financial analytics, provide extraordinary visibility into clinical services to monitor quality as well as clinical and financial outcomes.

Physician Performance & Productivity 

Our focused Physician Performance and Productivity reports give administrators a clear framework for managing a productivity initiative. These pre-defined reports created by healthcare consultants and analysts give managers the information they need to:

  • Measure what each physician is contributing to the practice
  • Develop compensation models and income distribution plans
  • Compare to other practices or industry benchmarks to spot areas of weakness or strength
  • Increase revenue producing activity while holding down costs
  • Promote physician accountability and foster a “best practices” culture

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