Physician Coding Resources eCourse

Medical Practice Success understands how complex medical coding can be and just how much of an impact it has on your bottom line. 

This program was designed by medical practitioners to educate physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners on how to document for correct reimbursement. 

Rather than trying to turn a physician into medical coders, we have simplified the process by breaking it down into four 30-minute sessions. 

Once we have laid the foundation of knowledge, we will keep what you have learned fresh by providing monthly refresher videos and short exams. 

Lastly, we will provide you with direct insight into how this program has benefited your organization by giving you real-time results on a monthly basis.

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Training Methodology

Using our LMS platform, we will put each of your practitioners through our training modules to lay the foundation of knowledge needed to implement what they learned in a practice setting. By avoiding a 6-8 hour long training session and opting instead for just four 30-minute modules, your providers will retain and utilize the tools given to them. 

1-on-1 Training

For those practitioners who need a more personalized touch, we will utilize our LMS platform to bring you individualized coaching.  By using our LMS we are able to share charting documents and see the individual practitioners creating an in-person feel in a modern setting. 

Ongoing Training

We believe that medical coding training should be a career long process.  By utilizing our platform, we will send out monthly videos with refreshing information over topics already covered, as well as new information not typically provided in medical coding training. We will also include feedback from your medical billing company, giving you real time knowledge to maximize reimbursement. 

Step 1: Classroom

Lay The Ground Work

On day one we will start by laying the foundation of knowledge. In medical school, PA school, or NP school, very little time is spent on documenting for reimbursement. Here, we provide that information to be utilized in Steps Two and Three.

Step 2: In The Office

Clinic Implementation

The second phase of training is in the clinic setting. We will audit charts daily as you implement our training. We can then have one-on-one meetings for more specific training needs.

Step 3: Follow Up

Insure Implementation Success

Each provider will get monthly reports showing progress and receive help fine tuning certain areas. The business owner will get a quarterly report comparing pre-training billing charges to current charges, creating a real-time snapshot of their ROI.

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