Six Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Your Medical Practice

Six Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Your Medical Practice

My friend and mentor, Tony Robbins, teaches a concept called The Six Human Needs that, when implemented successfully, can make a big impact on your patient satisfaction scores.  Understanding how these needs affect individuals can also help you improve your medical practice staff’s morale and interaction among teammates. What are the Six Human Needs? Certainty: All humans have a need for certainty — knowing you will have a roof over your head, food to eat, someone to love you, and job security. Uncertainty: Ironically while we all crave certainty, we also love variety or uncertainty.  No one wants to live a boring life. Uncertainty provides a bit of excitement and adventure. Significance: We all need to feel significant.  This is not an egotistical thing. It is simply craving the feeling that we matter.  We want to know that we mean something to someone.

Love and Connection: Humans have an innate desire to have love and connection — to feel close to others and care for and be cared for.   Growth: We have the desire and need to grow in our lives.  Each of us wants to become better than we are now.  It is when we are growing that we feel the most alive. Contribution: We have a desire to contribute.  This is especially true once our own needs are filled.  We want to be able to give back and to make the world a better place. How do you apply the Six Human Needs to the Customer Experience? If you meet two of these needs, you will have a grateful customer. If you meet three of these needs, you will have a raving fan. Can you imagine if you reached four or more of their basic human needs? Let’s explore how you could possibly meet those needs. Certainty: Customers want to be certain that they are going to get good medical care.  Put protocols and quality measures in place to ensure your clinic is providing the best medical care possible.

Uncertainty: Many people will say they love surprises, but in reality, people only love GOOD surprises. What can you do to provide good surprises for your customers?   What little things can you add to your customer experience that no one else in your market is doing? Significance: How can you make your customers/patients feel significant?  Do you call them by name? Do you let them know the importance of their business with a thank you e-mail or card?  Do you reward them for referring others to your medical practice? Love and Connection: You only have a short time with your customers, but each conversation and interaction your staff has with them builds on love and connection.  Start the conversation with something other than the reason the person is there to be seen. Try to find something you have in common with the individual.  Empathy and touching them in appropriate ways also creates connection. Growth: Help to educate your patients and your community on important health topics.  Consider holding seminars or speaking at local organizations about these topics.

Contribution: Our medical practices are big on community service.  We sponsor Little League teams, awareness walks, help at the homeless shelter, volunteer in our schools, and much more.  We involve our customers in these activities, too.  In fact, we believe that giving back to our community is the most important thing we do.   Implementing the Six Human Needs Understand that these needs are in contrast to each other.  That’s the beauty of humanity.  Our needs are not like a race track — they are more like a roller coaster. Take some time this week to get together with your team and brainstorm how you can start to incorporate the Six Human Needs into the patient experience. Spend time on this with your entire team, not just your management team and you will start to come up with ways to meet these needs. We spend several hours at the Medical Practice Success Summit training medical practice owners and managers how to fully understand the Six Human Needs.  Then we do exercises to help them begin to understand their human needs, which in turn will help them understand the individual human needs of your employees.  Finally, we go over ways to utilize this knowledge to create both an amazing place to work and an awesome patient experience.  Click here to reserve your seat at the 2017 Winter Success Summit January 26 - 28, 2017 at The Linq in Las Vegas. Living Every Minute

      Dr. Tim