MPS Credentialing Allstars

MPS Credentialing Allstars

Medical Practice Success understands the frustrating but necessary process of credentialing and health insurance enrollment required of healthcare providers when running a practice or setting up a new practice. While you could process your own paperwork or try to hire a staffer who is familiar with health insurance enrollment and credentialing, save yourself time, money, and headaches by partnering with our organization.  Our Provider Enrollment specialists become part of your staff, your own in-house credentialing department, enabling you to focus on your patients rather than worrying about paperwork and deadlines.

The credentialing team provides the first impression of MPS to clients and providers. Our goal is to provide amazing customer service while ensuring providers receive network participation effective dates reflective of their dates of hire. Since most contracts require submitting credentialing applications for new providers 30 days before their date of hire and the credentialing/contracting process can take between 30-180 days, it is imperative that our credentialing team provides excellent communication and support to clients while collecting demographic data and completing credentialing applications.

Our Provider Enrollment specialists understand the credentialing process and how to navigate through the maze of red tape that each payor seems to have created.  You will be provided with:

  • A dedicated Provider Enrollment specialist that will represent you with commercial and government payors.
  • We identify and complete all applications and necessary paperwork on your behalf with your chosen payor networks and government entities.
  • We provide bi-weekly status reports to you so that you know the status of each payor.
  • We maintain and update the CAQH profiles.
  • We diligently complete all necessary credentialing requirements for each payor with consistent follow-up and tracking techniques from application generation to payor system loading. 

We recently upgraded our credentialing software.  This will allow both our providers and our team the ability to reduce data collection hassles and actual application completion time.  Providers now log into our system and enter their demographic data directly into our database. Once data is entered, our credentialing team members analyze the data to confirm that all required information is obtained and if necessary, will add information into the system that links the data to the various payor applications.

Credentialing applications are “mapped” to find the provider’s data and import it into the required fields. This reduced our team members' application completion time down to approximately 5-7 minutes per application compared to our prior workflow which could take up to 2 hours per application.   

Our formula for our success is:

Amazing customer service


Reduced time collecting provider data


Reduced time filling out and submitting provider applications


Increased accuracy of information


Faster effective dates.


Because we understand that time is money, and we aim to ensure our providers are in-network as quickly as possible. This brings revenue into our client’s door faster than typical organizations that use a manual process. 

Simply stated, we handle the entire enrollment and physician credentialing process from start to finish so reach out to one of our Credentialing Specialists to see how we can assist your organization.