In Your Practice, YOU are the Problem

In Your Practice, YOU are the Problem


Have you ever felt like you were out of control in your medical practice? You felt like:

  • You no longer control how you get paid.

  • You’re being told how to take care of patient.

I start most of my Medical Practice Success Summits by asking what the number one problem in your practice is.  I normally get all kinds of answers.  Everything from employees, to cash, to competition.  After a pause, I let attendees know that the number one problem in your business if you. Hard to believe, right? But you must understand this. If I replaced you with someone much smarter, experienced, and motivated, they would be able to solve the problem at hand. Therefore, the problem is you.

Just like in my business, the problem is me. John Maxwell calls this “The Law of the Lid.”  It essentially states that an organization can only go as far as its leadership will let it.  The business is limited by the ability of its leaders.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?  The great thing about this is it means I am also the solution.  You are the solution.  For things to change, you must change.  Don’t wish things were easier, commit to you being better.  That is great because it’s the one thing you have control over.  It’s the one and only thing you completely decide.

If you listen to doctors today, you can hear frustration bubbling through.  They spent long, hard hours trying to get into medical school.  Once they did, the real work started.  They spent long days, nights, weekends, and holidays (often at the peril of their own personal lives) in order to become physicians and take care of others.  It’s still the noblest of all professions.  But today, government, insurance, hospitals, and lawyers are making it harder and harder to be a physician, make money, or be happy.  This has led to a bit of an uproar amongst docs about the woes of this bureaucracy.  It’s completely justified and makes perfect sense….unless it doesn’t? What matters is you take control of the situation and create something you are happy with.  There are two things we should never worry about:

  • Things we cannot do anything about

  • Things we can do something about

If you can’t do anything about the problem, then it’s not really a problem. It’s just a reality.  Accepting reality, rather than banging your head against the wall, is key.  You may hate the fact that you were born short.  Complaining about it does absolutely no good.  You must decide if it’s a problem or if it’s a fact.  If it’s a fact, move on.  If it’s something you can do something about, then the key is to spend about 10 percent of your time and effort defining the problem and 90 percent of your time and effort dealing with it. This is true in all areas of your business.  From your team members to your hours of operation, to your locations, etc.   You must assume complete ownership.  You are 100 percent responsible.  This allows you to be response-able-- which is being able to respond to any situation.

Becoming 100% responsible and taking extreme ownership of every part of your practice at first sounds overwhelming.  The reality is that it’s freeing.  You’re now the person in charge.  You’re now the reason for the success, or failure, of your business.  You must realize that the obstacle is the solution.  The very thing stopping you, which is you, is also the very thing that can transform your practice and business.  The thing that’s stopping you is the thing that is the solution.   Decide today to become responsible. Be all in.  No more excuses, no more blaming.   Now take a deep breath and go!