Five Key Factors That Separate Average Medical Practices From Extraordinarily Successful Ones...

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Five Key Factors That Separate Average Medical Practices From Extraordinarily Successful Ones...

Do You Know the Step-by-Step Process to Implementing these Five Pillars of Success?

Every successful Medical Practice masters five key factors. And, quite frankly, mediocre (or even failing) Medical Practices fall short in these areas – and there is no reason for them to continue to struggle. Anyone can learn to conquer these elements for success with the proper mentoring. Win in these areas, and you’re in control of your success. Lose here, and you will either fail or work twice as hard as you need to... In just a moment, you’ll have an opportunity to discover how other Medical Practice Owners have been able to implement these ideas in a very practical way and go on to exceptional success (and profits) using a proven path. But first, let’s look at the Five Pillars…

Pillar 1: Knowing How to Market an Medical Practice Business.

If you feel a little lost in this area, you are not alone. There are so many options now… social media, online advertising, traditional options… the list can be overwhelming. There are proven ways that mean you can stop guessing what works best in marketing your Medical Practice. When you stop wasting time and money on the wrong things, marketing can actually become your Clinic’s best friend, not a dreaded chore.

Pillar 2: Understanding Best Practices for Staffing.

Payroll is your biggest controllable expense. But understaffing can be disastrous to your service and kill your business. Medical Practices that discover the best practices in their staffing models outperform those that don’t. Period.

Pillar 3: Creating Amazing Customer Experiences.

Service. Service. Service. Everyone talks about good service and understands how crucial it is to the success of a Clinic. But hardly anyone talks about how to motivate a team to deliver good service. Those that master staff motivation and understand the key factors in creating a positive atmosphere are in control of their own success.

Pillar 4: Billing Efficiency.

Billing and coding are complicated and seem to get more so all the time. Clinics that fail to discover the fundamentals in this area are losing profits. They are also at risk… there have been Medical Practices that have unwittingly committed billing fraud, costing them thousands of dollars. Other Clinics unknowingly lose money every single day because they don’t have proper training systems in place on the front end or poor processes in place for collections on the back end.

Pillar 5: Mastering Your Financial Control.

Cash flow is king, and understanding the king’s rule is critical to the success of your business. Most Medical Practice owners have never truly been taught how to read their Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and Cash Flow Statement. They take the advice of their accountant who might not understand the unique nature of Medical Practices. If you don’t learn to read statements, you could be leaking money and not even know it. (For instance, did you know that simply by cutting your expenses 12.5% you can increase your profits by 50%)? These are the Five Pillars Profitable and Successful Medical Practices Understand… but it is one thing to know what they are… it is something entirely different to actually learn how to utilize the step-by-step details to your advantage. Mastering These Five Areas is About Much More Than Avoiding Failure... It's About Taking Your Medical Practice Business from 'Okay' to an Elite Business that Generates Success Well Beyond Expectations.

Proven Solutions from Experienced Medical Practice Owners…

You are invited to participate in a 5 Day Event that is unique in the Medical Practice Industry. It is not an ordinary conference. If you want to go to a typical gathering where you are given the standard lectures and come away with a few helpful tips, this is not for you. But if you are ready to be fully engaged and prepared to commit to transforming your Clinic’s operations and profitability, than this event is for you. Join us in Dallas, Texas, September 6th – 9th, 2012… (You also have the option to join us for the companion Billing Summit Sept 5th – 6th) and learn from actual business owners … and not just any owners, but ones that have attained elite levels of success across the Medical Practice industry. Summit Leaders…

  • Tim Reynolds, M.D., is the managing partner of HealthCARE Express, one of the most successful and respected Medical Practice clinics in the industry. His busiest clinics see between 150-200 patients a day.
  • Brandon Johnson, The Positive Energy Guy, partners with successful business owners to help them improve service and profits through people, passion and performance. He has trained almost 100 team members at Medical Practices throughout America, along with hundreds of team members from other industries.
  • Tina Bell is the director of marketing for HealthCARE Express, and the leading Medical Practice industry marketing strategist. With a diverse background including media, industrial marketing, business startup and Medical Practice marketing, Tina is not afraid to push marketing plans to the edge to get outstanding ROI results.
  • Pam Reynolds, R.N., has worn many hats in the Medical Practice industry. She led the strategic marketing development and planning for the first Medical Practice clinic she helped open. She now serves as the chief operating officer for HealthCARE Express, where she oversees the day-to-day operations of several Medical Practice clinics.
  • David Stern, M.D., has more than 20 years experience in Medical Practice medicine and is a partner in Physicians Immediate Care, operating 19 Medical Practices in Illinois, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. He is board-certified in internal medicine and is a certified professional coder (CPC).
  • Candice Smith, director of HealthCARE Express Billing, has developed proven strategies in the management of billing, budgeting, contracting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and strategic planning. Her A/R days now range between 15-21 days.

What You’ll Discover at the Medical Practice Success Summit:

Sessions include:


  • Why you don’t need a big budget to market to your community
  • How to use traditional marketing tactics for Medical Practice (and which ones not to use)
  • Why mastering social media marketing is not as hard as you think
  • The mistakes that almost all Medical Practices make with their websites… and how to separate yourself from the pack by making a few easy changes


  • How to systemize your physician staffing so you are never caught short-handed but still control expenses
  • What really matters on your balance sheet and the early warning signs that signal potential financial disaster
  • How the rule of 12.5% can increase profits by 50%
  • Why cash flow really is king… and how to play by the king’s rules


  • Why everybody talks about service but hardly ever gets it right – using the ‘six human needs’ to transform your relationship with your customers
  • Why you’re service improvement efforts are doomed to fail until you know how to create a winning culture that motivates your entire staff
  • How to practically integrate the formula “Energy + Execution = a Great Customer Experience” into the heart of your business


  • How to keep your A/R at 21 days or less – it really is possible
  • Hidden strategies to negotiating favorable contracts with insurance companies
  • The secrets of outsourcing… best practices to keep you profitable and limit liability
  • How creating a “billing culture” can make your Clinic a smooth-running operation

Our Unmatched Guarantee…



“THANK YOU SO MUCH for an AMAZING conference! WOW! Y’all certainly outdid yourselves and made a lasting impression on us! Not only did we accumulate lots of skills and tools to take back to our business, but the wealth of information that was personally applicable as well was fantastic. I can honestly say that this conference made more impact than any other conference I have attended…and I have attended quite a few.”

- Catherine Grant, MSPAS, PA-C The Medical Practice of Richmond Hill Richmond Hill, GA

Thanks for that effort! Wow, what an intense weekend of energy, education, insight, motivation and fun! Truly your team understands the meaning of PASSION, and it came through loud and clear. I have been managing physicians and medical groups for nearly 20 years, and I have attended many seminars, motivational speaking engagements, work place team building exercises, and other business retreats over this time period, but never have I received such energy and excitement from one group.”

-Dr. Tom & Shannon Pascuzzi MD Medical Practice Albuquerque, NM

“I am still overwhelmed with pure joy and excitement from this weekend's activities. It was life changing. Thank you…for all you did this weekend to make all the little things turn into big things. The entire team is rare and special. One knows just to be a part of even this weekend was coveted but to move forward and be able to continue the relationship is precious.”

-Linda Faulkner, FNP Correct Med Locust Grove, GA

“Overall, this was the best conference for Medical Practice I have ever attended. I learned A LOT! Thank you so much.”

Deanna Dickey Texas Hills Medical Practice Marble Falls, TX

Meet the Gentleman Who Made It Happen for Him … and Can Make It Happen for You, Too

His name is Tim Reynolds, M.D. … and he’s the one who transformed his skills as a successful emergency room physician into a multi-million dollar chain of Medical Practices. He is now living his life very much on his own terms. Through his efforts, Dr. Tim has helped dozens of Medical Practices grow their businesses using simple skills and strategies that anyone can truly master with the right guidance. His talent and skill have allowed him to create an impressive lifestyle for himself and his family … while spending more and more of his time on charitable endeavors. But what’s really important for you to know… Dr. Tim takes great pride in the fact that he’s been able to pass on his knowledge to so many. The business owners he’s trained are quick to tell you how he helped improve their business. Once you understand how this industry works, the sky is literally the limit!

Your Learning Can Start Right Now…

When you register for the Medical Practice Success Summit, you’ll actually start learning right away. After you register, you will be sent the same business goal and growth planning materials that Dr. Tim uses in his own business to ensure his Medical Practices stay successful. This means you’ll actually take the first steps to start your Medical Practice business education before you ever attend the first class.

Pre-Conference Bonus #1: Business Points Demanding Attention Analysis ($499 Value)

In order for your business to soar to new heights, you have to find out what is holding you back right now. Prior to the conference you will receive an on-line Business Points Demanding Attention Workbook that will walk you thru the same steps Dr. Tim teaches in his consulting program. Only instead of paying $10,000 plus to be one of his exclusive clients, you’ll get access to this on-line workbook for free.

Pre-Conference Bonus #2: In-Depth Business Analysis Overview ($499 Value)

Additionally, Dr. Tim will share the Business Analysis Activity he developed to help you identify what is and isn’t working through the eyes of your team members. This activity will give you both a realistic and an interactive overview of where you currently stand on your path to success. And the best part, Dr. Tim and his expert panel of speakers will use the things you complete in this business analysis to tailor the content of the Success Summit towards the needs you identify.

Continue Learning After You Leave the Conference, Too…

Let’s face it, it’s easy to go to a conference, take a lot of great notes, ask a lot of questions, and then have no idea what to do when you get home. That’s why you’ll also get the following items in your Medical Practice Success Binder at the conference.

Bonus #1: Branding Exercise

Branding is about being different, not saying things differently. Through this exercise you’ll work with your team at your business to discover your true brand identity and promise to patients. Having a strong brand promise can greatly enhance your marketing campaign’s performance equating to more patients and an improved bottom line.

Bonus #2: Target Audience Exercise

Too often you get caught up working on putting out the day-to-day fires in your business and you don’t really see the true problems that could kill your word-of-mouth marketing. Through this activity you’ll define the top five problems through the eyes of your customers, and then you will learn the formula for figuring out what you really need to fix. Get this right, and you can turn your patients into raving fans.

Bonus #3: Features vs. Benefit Exercise

Do you know the number one mistake Medical Practice’s make on websites, brochures, and sales pitches? It is not understanding the difference between Features and Benefits. This exercise will turn this weakness into a strength. Don’t cost yourself thousands of dollars in lost patients when you can easily correct this common mistake.

Bonus #4: Modus Operandi Exercise

“I don’t make enough money,” is not the number one complaint of employees nationwide. In fact, it’s not even in the top 10. Do you know the number one complaint of your employees? Use this exercise and watch how it can transform your staff into your greatest asset. Learning how to create a Modus Operandi and present it to your employees is the key to greatly improved productivity.

Bonus #5: The Business Life Cycle Handout

Much like raising kids, different problems are expected at different stages of your Medical Practice business. If problems happen too early, or development happens too late, it can kill your chance at success. Do you understand the life cycle of your business, the life cycle of the Medical Practice industry, and how the two interact? There is no better way to benchmark your success than understanding this cycle.

One More Thing to Make Your Decision Easier…

Now is the very best time to register… We are only accepting 100 attendees – after that we’re closing the doors. If you are on the fence about making the commitment, your success-minded peers aren’t. IT IS NO ACCIDENT THAT THOSE Medical Practice OWNERS WHO INVEST IN UPGRADING THEIR PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE ARE THE ONES WHO EXPERIENCE THE MOST SUCCESS! Our last Medical Practice Success Summit sold out several weeks before the actual event, creating a waiting list for this event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your Medical Practice Business. You can even get a discount if you jointly attend the Medical Practice Billing Summit or if you bring a colleague along with you. The more people who attend with your group, the bigger your discount…

Still not sure if now is the right time to elevate your Medical Practice to elite status? Call Tina, and she will be happy to answer your questions without further obligation… 903-490-7520, or email us at

Group Discount Codes

2+ People 10% off – Use Discount Code GROUP10 at checkout 3+ People 15% off – Use Discount Code GROUP15 at checkout 4+ People 20% off – Use Discount Code GROUP20 at checkout Registration must be made at the same time using the same payment method for group discounts to apply. If you add additional attendees to your group later, the discount rate will not apply.

Plan Your Travel…

Billing Summit Event Registration: 12:00-3:00 (Wed., Sept. 5) Event Start: 4:30 p.m. (Wed., Sept. 5) Event End: 3:00 p.m. (Thurs., Sept. 6) Medical Practice Success Summit Registration: 3:00- 4:30 (Thurs., Sept. 6) Event Start: 5:45 (Thurs., Sept. 6) Event End: 12:00 (Sun., Sept. 9) Hotel Information Marriott City Clinic 650 North Pearl Street Dallas, TX 75201 1-800-228-9290 Group: “Medical Practice Success Summit”