Creating Raving Fans

Creating Raving Fans

Have you ever been at a sporting event and there is one raving “fan?” Most likely, it’s a parent that is expressing their excitement by cheering on the team, showing their excitement regarding different plays, but overall being a “fan” of the team. Yet, you feel their energy rubbing off on you and making you a raving “fan” too.  I’m sure you’ve felt it.

The same feeling and excitement that is felt can certainly be applied to the raving fans, or established patients, that continually trust your team with their medical care.

Within this blog post, you will receive insight to help you find and keep those pom-poms in the air for your practice.

First, who is a raving fan? They are those patients that continuously come to your practice because they trust you and your team with their life and their loves one’s lives. Plus, they’re likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about their experience at your practice. They leave knowing that they would be crazy to go anywhere else.

However, after a patient leaves your practice how do you stay connected to them? Of course, they are not running around with pom-poms in the air after leaving.

Do you use an email campaign that educates them on current and new services or treatments? What about social media platforms? Again, raving fans like to cheer you on, and one means of doing this is on their social media pages. Do you ask them to leave a review regarding their experience upon leaving and follow your page(s)?

Once you have established this connection on your social network, your goal is to stay on their timeline by offering engaging posts that spark a response from your raving fans and others. Everybody loves free stuff, so why not offer some form of giveaway that encourages page viewers to share and/or comment to enter the drawing? Ask your fans their opinions by facilitating polls. Laughter is good for the soul, so throw in some funny posts!

Just like a sporting event, you want your visitors walking away raving about how awesome your game is.

Remember, their energy is infectious, and their reviews will push others to witness this experience for themselves.