Changing Seasons in Marketing Your Medical Practice

Changing Seasons in Marketing Your Medical Practice

For everything there is a season, and marketing your medical practice is no different. You cannot run the same marketing campaign year round and expect to get the same results. Instead, you must understand the four seasons of medical marketing. Understanding the seasons will help you know what to market and where to share your message at.

Summertime Sizzle

If you want your medical practice patient volume to sizzle during the summer, you should plan on running campaigns about services or projects that can benefit your patients during this time. The good news is many of these campaigns can be free. Contact the editor at your local paper or community magazine and ask if you can be a guest columnist during the summer months. Then provide free articles about summer safety regarding how you can assist with those summer time issues. In-clinic marketing and traditional campaigns should relate to how you can treat summer ailments more associated with summer fun.

Remember summer is also the time when many families move or travel. Make sure area hotels and your local Chamber of Commerce are stocked with information to give people when they arrive in your town looking for assistance that you could provide. Many towns also have festivals, events and golf tournaments during the summer. These events are perfect for you to sponsor a first aid station or a water station at. Make sure your logo is prominently displayed at these events.


Flashy in Fall

As summer comes to a close, parents begin getting their kids ready to head back to school. The fall is the perfect time for you to promote any services that target those getting ready to go back to school. If your state has a tax-free shopping holiday, contact your local mall to see about setting up an informational table during this busy shopping time. Be sure to have freebies aimed at your target market to hand out at your table, along with great information on your medical practice clinic. Consider contacting the booster clubs at area schools to see how you can support them this year. Sponsoring a fan night at a sporting event can be a great way to get your name out to the community. Sponsoring paper fans, hand clappers, and even footballs for cheerleaders to throw into the stands helps get your name into the hands of parents. Sponsoring the drink cups at the concession stand can save the athletic booster club lots of money and put your brand into the hands of all fans. Check with the athletic director or booster club president for rules on what can and cannot be sponsored at high school games.


Winning in Winter

As the chill of winter starts, so to comes the chance to build your medical practice clinic as the place to come for things that trouble your patients during those chillier days. Many companies offer health fairs during these months. Make sure you are front and center teaching people how your medical practice can save them both time and money should they need you. Plus, this is also a great way to educate your potential patients on living a better and healthier life prior to dealing with certain issues or developing those symptoms. Another important thing to focus on during the winter months is fitness and healthy living. Many people neglect their health during the winter and in January they begin to look for ways to get healthy again. If your medical practice offers a diet or wellness program, you should heavily market this during the winter.


Spring into Success

The sneezes of spring can mean additional revenue for your clinic if patients know you treat allergy related illnesses and symptoms. You should begin marketing for allergies in mid-February and continue thru mid-May. Spring is also the time many people begin planning their summer vacations. For lots of travelers, including honeymooners getting married in the summer, this means they will need travel vaccines. Make sure you promote your travel medicine program at bridal fairs, travel agencies, and even at government offices. Additionally, spring is when people begin to think about getting into their swimsuits. Promoting weight loss and ways you can help improve skin blemishes can increase your bottom line.


Every Season is Medical Practice No matter the season, there are things your medical practice should always be marketing. People must know you provide quick and convenient care. They should know you accept insurance and that you are open evenings and on weekends. You should promote who you treat rather that be families or only men and women. These messages should be shared with your community thru traditional means like radio and newspaper and through promotional items like door hangers, magnets, brochures and pens. Yet, not limited to the creative ways of getting your businesses out there. Remember people communicate in more than one language. In communities with other cultures, find community advocacy groups and share your information with them in their language. Consider developing relationships with school and company nurses too. The success of your medical practice is not seasonal. It is something you must work at throughout the year. Just make sure you are sending the right messages at the right times.