Bulletin News Changes Its Name To Bulletin Intelligence

Bulletin News Changes Its Name To Bulletin Intelligence

BI-logoRESTON, VA – (June 18, 2013) – Bulletin News, which locates and analyzes open-source intelligence for the nation’s most demanding executives, including the White House and Fortune 500 C-Suites, today announced that it is changing its name to Bulletin Intelligence.

The name change reflects the fact the company’s clients are increasingly asking for information contained not just in news stories – which remains a core competency for the company – but also in various other forms of open-source intelligence such as financial-analyst reports, think-tank studies, best-practices research, patent filings, regulatory filings, social media and other open sources.

Bulletin Intelligence’s CEO, Paul Roellig, commented, “Our clients are truly the nation’s leaders, and the decisions they make each day have far-reaching impact. Our job is to save them time and provide actionable information to aid their decision-making. Given the exceptional capabilities of our proprietary software and analysts, it makes perfect sense to continue to expand upon the kinds of information we provide our clients.”

About Bulletin Intelligence

Bulletin Intelligence delivers to senior corporate and government executives fully-customized briefings and dashboards that provide, as one Fortune 100 CEO described it, “The perfect antidote to information overload.” Clients include Fortune 500 companies and most large federal entities, including the White House. Our expert analysts work overnight, utilizing complex proprietary software, to scour tens of thousands of sources – news, white papers, financial analyst reports, market research, business opportunities, etc. – and distill their core findings into quick-read briefing memos for the most demanding executives in the world. Our services come at a premium, but the value is proven with an annual retention rate of 97%. The company also has two subsidiaries, BulletinHealthcare and Bulletin Healthcare, which partner with three-dozen professional associations (American Medical Association, National Association of Manufacturers, etc.) to deliver daily briefings to their members on an ad-supported model, collectively reaching in excess of one million professionals daily.

For more information, please visit www.BulletinIntelligence.com

Contact: Paul Roellig, CEO