2017 Winter Success Summit

2017 Winter Success Summit

This summit was an amazing opportunity to move you and your business to the next level. The energy at the summit was incredible. Everyone who attended walked away with renewed enthusiasm for building themselves and their business! Here is a brief recap of the key takeaways from the event...

1. It Starts With YOU

Look at your attitude and determine what motivates you and what you contribute. Your business reflects you. Your team reflects you. Be your best you. Get your mind right and develop stellar business skills and watch your business grow. Even if you aren’t the business owner, “you” are your business.

2. Build an Inspiring Company Culture

Model the behavior you want to see and attract the employees that align with that. I shared the concept that business is actually an idea that is shared with a group. Make sure your vision is clear and your team knows exactly what it is.

3. Develop Skills

For your business to grow, you must grow. Set goals that work for you, add them to your "to do" list and move toward them every day. Read books, take classes, attend events, expand your mind and open your heart. Your possibilities are endless.

4. Be Extraordinary

It’s incredible to see what we are capable of doing with our lives when we live from our hearts and stop overthinking things and get out of our heads. . Brandon Johnson, the powerful and entertaining speaker that he is, clearly modeled this paradigm and demonstrated tools for refilling our “energy tanks”. Thank you, Brandon!

5. Marketing is Important

Getting your name out is not just sending out flyers or placing ads. It is about creating connections and bringing value and becoming the brand you truly want to represent. It’s about giving back to your community, and building relationships.

6. Creating Culture

Pamela Reynolds, our Chief Leadership Officer, opened your eyes to the endless growth and possibilities by having the right culture in your business and how to develop that. If you create an amazing team with a desired culture. The possibilities are endless.

7. Last But Not Least, Have FUN

You attract that which you put out there. Smile and the world will smile back at you.