Using Social Media to Market Your Medical Practice

By: Tina Bell Director of Marketing, HealthCARE Express What is your brand? Your answer probably includes something to do with Medical Practice, your slogan, and hopefully customer service. What is your social media brand? That may be a harder question to answer. Do you even have one? If you don’t, it’s time to get busy. Social media is a great way for you to do marketing, provide customer service, and to a degree, sell. It also defines you brand in an entirely new way. There are several different ways you can implement social media into your marketing campaign. As you do so…


Ideas for Using Twitter to Market Your Medical Practice

A step to making your Medical Practice's Twitter account relevant could be tapping in to popular conversation treads. Hashtags, or Twitter search terms, start with the "#" symbol and a keyword for the discussion. The most popular healthcare hashtags are ones Cliniced on healthcare reform. Some of the most popular healthcare hashtags by total views according to Healthcare Hashtag Project include the following: • #hcsm --- healthcare communications and social media … • #opnhealth – A reform hashtag, related to #hcr (healthcare reform) and #healthreform … • #hpm – Conversations on…


Branding Your Medical Practice

By: Tina Bell Director of Marketing, HealthCARE Express Branding your Medical Practice is a major cornerstone to your marketing campaign’s success. Those are words I strongly stand behind. So you can imagine my curiosity when I recently saw the book Branding Only Works on Cattle: The New Way to Get Known (and drive your competitors crazy) by Jonathan Baskin sitting on a shelf. As a Texan, the book not only had creative appeal, but the title also prompted an immediate contradictory response from my brain. I bought it on the spot. It was a good book. Baskin argued that old marketing…


Mistake #4: Not Marketing Effectively

By: Tina Bell Director of Marketing, HealthCARE Express You have spent six months gearing up for opening day of your Medical Practice clinic. You’ve met with contractors, gone before the city zoning board, hired your staff, decorated the clinic, ordered medical supplies, and now is the day to open your doors to the public. With a $10,000 a month overhead between salaries, rent and medical supplies, you eagerly await the first patient to walk through the door. It doesn’t happen. Day two, still no patient. Week two, five patients have walked through the door. What went wrong?


Marketing for Cold & Flu Season

By: Tina Bell Director of Marketing, HealthCARE Express Sneezes, runny noses, water eyes, and long waiting times at primary care doctor’s offices, make your Medical Practice a great place for people to turn to during cold and flu season. With shorter waiting times and same-day service, Medical Practices can be a blessing to those who are ill. But they are only a blessing if people know about them. To help increase the number of patients to your Clinic during cold and flu season, you must have a great marketing campaign in place. Your marketing should include a mix of traditional…


Podcast: Marketing Your Medical Practice Start-Up

In today's podcast the owners of HealthCARE Express share with you lessons and tips for creating your Medical Practice medical clinic marketing plan. While today's podcast is designed for the start-up clinic marketing, lessons for Medical Practice and healthcare marketers of all levels can be found in the message.


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