Free COVID-19 Telehealth Spreadsheet

COVID-19 payor changes got you wanting to pull your hair out? Check out this handy cheat sheet we put together. 

While the following sheet is for payors in Texas, it can easily be adapted to suit the needs of payors in your own state.

If you would like a customized COVID-19 Spreadsheet, Contact Us and we will get in touch!


Southern Immediate Care Testimonial

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been the most challenging event of our lifetimes, both personally and from a business standpoint.  MPS took immediate proactive steps to ensure our revenue continued with as little impact as possible.  The MPS team kept up to date on frequent payer changes with telehealth as well.  

Our partnership with MPS allowed us to focus on patient care and maintaining volume without the worry of our revenue cycle.”

Jason Junkins, MD Southern Immediate Care