Podcast: Customer Service & Your Medical Practice

In today's Podcast, the owners of HealthCARE Express explore the importance of customer service to your Medical Practice's success. They share tips on how providing great customer service is your best marketing tool in Medical Practice.


Podcast: Employee Energy & Evaluations

In this Podcast, the owners of HealthCARE Express explain how they maintain high levels of energy at their clinics. Medical Practice employees are evaluated on their energy and their execution levels. Energy x Execution = Results in business.


Podcast: Creating Raving Fans

Today's Podcast focuses on ways to create raving fans at your Medical Practice. Creating raving fans is a key to marketing your Medical Practice and growing positive word of mouth. Your current customers are your best walking billboards. Learn how the owners of HealthCARE Express work to create raving fans at their clinics.


Mistake #4: Not Marketing Effectively

By: Tina Bell Director of Marketing, HealthCARE Express You have spent six months gearing up for opening day of your Medical Practice clinic. You’ve met with contractors, gone before the city zoning board, hired your staff, decorated the clinic, ordered medical supplies, and now is the day to open your doors to the public. With a $10,000 a month overhead between salaries, rent and medical supplies, you eagerly await the first patient to walk through the door. It doesn’t happen. Day two, still no patient. Week two, five patients have walked through the door. What went wrong?


Five Steps to Resolving Employee Issues

By: Pam Reynolds COO, HealthCARE Express They were the best of times. They were the worst of times. As you look back over the seasons of your business, you probably find yourself thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe what a great staff I have right now. They all work together as a team. They make my job so easy.” Then, two months later, in midst of your third intervention with a troubled team member in less than a week you think, “Wow, I have 18 people working for me and 16 of them are either miserable or creating problems for everyone else. They are killing me.&rdquo…


Creating a Culture of Success

Creating a Culture of Success Not creating a culture of success in your medical practice can be debilitating. It tells people how to do their work. It takes its signals from leaders. It underlies motivation, morale, creativity, and marketplace success. It is your clinic’s culture? If you have a strong culture, you will realize your team members are always doing the right thing – because they will always be acting in the best interest of the company if they have bought into and adopted the culture you’ve created. A very detrimental thing you can do for your clinic is not…


How to tell what you are committed to

The results we achieve in our Business are a direct result of what we are committed to. I have one of the people I coach who spends a lot of time struggling with his relationship with his team members. "They are difficult to get along with and so I end up spending an inordinate amount of time taking care of problems." When I asked him why he is so committed to struggling with team members he said he is not committed to it. I paused and so did he and then it dawned on him and he said he would get back to me. He e-mailed me two days later and said that he had discovered that he was spending…


Top 5 Reasons Medical Practices Fail

Let’s face it – talking about statistics can be boring, especially when you’re on the losing end of the statistic. But sometimes statistics can be fun, particularly when they show positive growth and change. As an Medical Practice owner, provider, or employee, you are part of an exciting statistic. Did you realize there are over 8,000 Medical Practices across the United States, and that number continues to grow each year? The growth is spurred by demand from customers nationwide to have quick, same day, affordable service in all areas of their life. It is spurred by family…


Podcast: Marketing Your Medical Practice Start-Up

In today's podcast the owners of HealthCARE Express share with you lessons and tips for creating your Medical Practice medical clinic marketing plan. While today's podcast is designed for the start-up clinic marketing, lessons for Medical Practice and healthcare marketers of all levels can be found in the message.


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